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When you're married, you get used to a certain standard of living. At the end of your relationship, you may seek spousal support to get financial assistance for bills and living arrangements. Duncan Trial & Mediation will help you get the alimony settlement you deserve in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

The state of Florida doesn't presently have guidelines for the amount or duration of alimony. Attorney Duncan will fight for the economic support you need.

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We'll figure out the proper amount for your alimony payments

Spousal support involves a thorough analysis of the finances of you and your spouse.

After considering all the factors, we'll determine a number that you can expect. Fight for a reasonable alimony settlement by contacting Duncan Trial & Mediation today.

When it comes to determining the alimony settlement desired, we'll look at the:

Standard of living of the marriage

Income and earning potential

Length and history of the marriage

Employment history

Ages of both parties