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Anyone can become a victim of domestic violence, regardless of gender or income. If you've been abused in any way, go somewhere safe, then contact Duncan Trial & Mediation. Attorney Duncan will learn the details of your situation to build a solid defense for you. You can rest assured that he'll do everything possible to get the justice you deserve.

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Attorney Duncan knows that this is a difficult situation for you. He'll help you feel at ease about your case so you can put this nightmare behind you.

You don't have to be assaulted to charge someone with domestic violence. If you've been threatened, contact a domestic violence attorney in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas immediately. Attorney Duncan will work with you to get you out of that situation as quickly as possible.

When you hire us, we'll;

Take safety precautions to make sure you won't be harmed anymore

Pursue a temporary injunction to protect you and any other party appearing in court

Build a solid case in support of your interests

Fight for your rights in and out of court