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Hire us to handle your divorce mediation in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas

When going through a divorce or trying to get child support, you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for the best possible outcome. You can count on Duncan Trial & Mediation to represent your interests. We'll work with you to resolve your legal issue before it goes to court. Attorney Duncan will advise you on the wisest course of action so you can settle your dispute quickly and peacefully.

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4 reasons to settle your case outside of court

In almost all family law cases, Florida courts ask parties to try to resolve their case before going to trial. Attorney Duncan will meet with you and the other party to see if you both can reach an agreement outside of court.

Don't make your case more complicated than it needs to be. Visit Duncan Trial & Mediation today to discuss your case with a practiced mediation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

You should consider hiring a mediation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas to:

1 | Save money by avoiding court fees

2 | Prevent your information from appearing in a public record

3 | Stay in control of the divorce process

4 | Avoid future conflicts between you and your spouse